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渡英まで ~ Things I will miss

Things I will miss... or I may miss...

- All my friends & family. Lunching, drinking, cofeeing, emailing, and chatting with them..

- My own room : I grew to love it more than I realised I did.

- Seeing everyone in the Tokyo office, and dressing up nicely for work (dress code was quite casual and flexible)

- Good nights out with friends in Tokyo

- Convenient stores : for emergency situations..

- Shopping in Yurakucho

- Hikari TV

- Miso and mozuku su!

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- I will bring my memories with all my friends & family all my life with me so no problem. I'll be content :) Also there's an amazing invention called facebook.

- I will make my new room my own and love it!

- I will still enjoy dressing up for work in London! am sure!

- Will have good nights out with friends in London

- Convenient store? I'll try to remember how to live without them :) Adapting to new places is one thing I'm good at.

- Will love to shop anywhere in the world anyway!

- OKay BBC shows the best programs in the world so no problem.

- Miso and mozuku su - only this i cannot do anything about!! But have too many more different kinds of British food that I miss right now so no problem.
In my life I will always have to miss something, cos I know and love both countries..!

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