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(番外編 Chiaki is in semi-culture shock)

What is wrong with her? She's only been away for a week.
This may be the problem with adjusting too well and feeling too comfortable at one place than the other.
She cannot possibly write a cheerful diary today.
It suddenly feels like she's just not allowed to think the way she wants to think, or to think positively.
Not allowed. Not allowed to be herself. Who's not allowing it?
It's this strange society pressure that is invisible but is surely there.
Ever since she returned.
She loves her family and friends of course.
But the society she cannot take.
Feeling so supressed and finding it hard to remember why she was so cheerful before.
Everywhere she looks.
How did this place get this far, this bad.
Many things oh so degrading to women. Wise women. Men who do not realise it is even happenning. (Obviously not applicable to ALL men, just in general, just what it seems.)
Everyone is wearing the same thing and acting the same. It freaks her out.
Everyone is suffering in some way. Most of them not even knowing it.
Acting like robots. As they have to follow the strict rules. As they are not free do things differently from others..
It's as if they'd given it all up. Given up to make it a better place, together.
Instead they are fighting with each other. To have a better life materially, by not helping but beating each other.
Maybe if she's not Japanese, she'd find it easier, because then she might be able to look at it all objectively and from a distance.
She knows deep down that there are many good sides to it, but she just can't remember what they were. She will in time, she hopes.

The most scary thing is... all these are real and she's not joking!!

Okay enough complaining. She'll pick herself up by tomorrow and will write something good again!

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