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【寄り道記事 Japan's Hatoyama tells Obama U.S.-Japan ties key】

"TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's next leader, Yukio Hatoyama, told U.S. President Barack Obama in a telephone call that close relations with the United States would remain a fundamental part of Japanese policy.

"I told him that we think the U.S.-Japan alliance is the foundation (of Japanese diplomacy) and that I would like to build U.S.-Japan relations with eyes on the future," Hatoyama told reporters after speaking with Obama by telephone on Thursday."


・「怒らせてはいけない」「これを言ってはいけない」というごく日本的常識は海外で通用しないと思うのです…。 むしろきちんと筋さえ通っていて意思があれば、反対意見であれ、そのはっきりした意思表示は認められるものですよね。
・アメリカにも、グローバライゼーションを批判するアメリカ人エコノミストや金融関係者がたくさんいます。ここにも書かれていますが論文もBush administrationについての意見も多しですね。^^

If we read the essay in Japanese there is no anti-American purpose in it.
It's good that they talked on the phone - frequent and direct communication must be a key when there is so much distorted information around.
As it is also mentioned in the news, many think that it is the media being selective and only picking the points that they found interesting that has made it look problematic, and also the translation that has altered the direction of the essay altogether. Sad to admit that since Japan's weakness is in English language education, it would be great if the US government would listen to and talk to Hatoyama directly rather than through the media or any other sources.
That way, I believe they will be able to work together to build a good relationship and to help the world take one step forward.


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